Antenna Systems Trainer  (50-1300MH)

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*Antennas designed by Prof Girish Kumar, Dept of Elect Eng, IIT Bombay
Laptop shown above is not included
Experiment & Study Areas
Polar Plots - E & H Plane
Cartesian Plots - E & H Plane
3D Polar Plot - Radiation in Space
5 Polar Plots - Quick Study
Vert Plane Plot - Gnd Plane effect
Directive Gain
Front Back Ratio
Sidelobe Level & Angular Position
Beamwidth - Half Power & 10dB
Frequency Bandwidth
Current Distribution Study
Polarization Study
Verify Inverse Square Law axiom
Verify Reciprocity axiom
Study of VSWR vs FREQ Plot
Study of V(i) V(r) vs FREQ Plot
Study RF reflection and absorbtion
EMI Polar Plot - eqpt radiation
EMI Spectrum - in environment
Mobiles, Cordless, etc Polar Plot

Brief Description & Key Specifications


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Polar Printout

Polar readings are obtained automatically at every 1deg or 5 degs. These readings are stored in memory and they can be used to obtain Polar printouts directly on an epson lx300 printer without the use of a PC. Students can obtain the readings and immediately printout hardcopies for their journals. 72 readings along with the degrees are listed out in tabular form along with the Polar Plot.

STS-3006 Software Features ...

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Polar & Cartesian Plots

Software will capture the measured readings and generate Polar or Cartesian Plots. Cursors are provided for making various measurements on the plots, such as - Beamwidth 3dB & 10dB, Front/Back ratio, Side Lobe & Angle, Gain measurements, Comparison of Antenna

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5 Polar Plots

In this mode, 5 polar plots at 5 different frequencies are obtained in a single rotation of the antenna. This mode allows a quick method of studying the antenna behavior over its bandwidth.

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VSWR vs Frequency Plot (Scalar Network Analyzer Mode)

In this mode, Incident and Reverse Voltages are measured using a directional coupler and plotted against Frequency. The VSWR vs Frequency is traced based on these measurements. Cursor measurement of the parameters (Vi, Vr, VSWR and Frequency). The antenna under test is resonant at the frequency at which the VSWR is minimum.

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Spectrum Analyzer Mode

In this mode, the frequency spectrum of an input signal is measured & plotted. The start, stop frequency, no of steps and the step size are user selectable via software.

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RF Recorder Mode

In this mode, the RF signal is measured and plotted as a scroll graph. The frequency can be changed via software. This mode is useful for the study of Polarization, RF Activity, RF Reflection and Absorbtion.

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3D Polar Plot (optional)

3D Polar plot is useful for the visualization of radiation in space. 2520 automatic measurements are used to generate the 3D plot. The plot can be viewed as solid or in wireframe. The viewpoint, colors etc are user settable

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Vertical Plane Polar Plot (optional)

The vertical plane plot mode is useful for the study of the effect of ground plane on radiation pattern in the vertical plane. The antenna under test (a.u.t.) is mounted at the center and a suitable pickup antenna is rotated on an arm, thru 180 degrees. Effect of different heights of the a.u.t above the ground plane can be studied with ease.