Test and Measurement

Spectrum Analyzer Training System
Spectrum Analyzer Training System
850MHz Spectrum Analyzer, RF Source (Multifunction) & Experiment Box and
Software which includes Network Analysis (scalar) and Bessel Functions experimentation.
  RF Source (Multifunction) EXP-BOX Exp Book
  - AM Modulator 100MHz - Notch Filter The experiment book consists of 18 experiments
which can be conducted using this system.

List of Experiments

  - FM Modulator 100MHz - Low-Pass Filter
  - Square Wave 10MHz - High-Pass Filter
  - Sine Wave 10MHz - Band-Pass Filter
  - Amplifier (wideband)
- Stagger Tuning
    - Integrator  
    - Differentiator
Signal Generators


AM/FM (Stereo) Synthesized Signal Generator with built-in Sweep + Marker Generator
  - AM/FM 100KHz to 300MHz
  - Sweep/Marker 400KHz to 300MHz
  TEST STATION (Multifunction Signal Generator)
  - AM/FM - 0.1 to 110 MHz
  - Freq Counter - 1Hz to 110MHz
  - Function Generator - 1Hz to 1MHz
  - Power Supply - 0-30V 1A
  AM/FM (Stereo) Synthesized Signal Generator
  - 400KHz to 150MHz
  - Synthesized with Keypad Entry
  - 20 Spot Freq Memory user programmable
S-945   AM/FM (Stereo) Synthesized Signal Generator
  - 100KHz to 260MHz
  - Synthesized with Keypad Entry
  AM/FM Signal Generator with Frequency Counter
  - 100KHz - 55MHz
  - Frequency Counter, 55MHz
  - TTL Output
Sweep Generators (Wobbulators)
  Sweep Generator with Hardcopy
  - 0.4 to 465MHz
  - 455KHz, 4.43MHz, 5.5MHz, 10.7MHz, Synthesized Vision +2.75, +4.25,
2 IF derived, 10MHz Xtal Harmonic and External Markers
  - Freq Counter, 5digit display
  - Centronics Interface for hardcopy of alignment curves
  Sweep Generator with Synthesized Markers
  - 400KHz to 110MHz
  - 20 Spot Freq Memory user programmable
  - Auto Cycle 3/5 frequencies for High Speed Production
  Wobbulator (Sweep Generator)
      Sweep Generator - meets or exceeds
      BIS:9782 Industrial Model, tested as per
      BIS:11051 Methods of measurement
  - 1 to 240MHz
  - 65 Synthesized Markers + 2 IF Derived Markers + TV Chroma and Sound Markers
  Wobbulator (Low Cost)
  - 1 to 240MHz
  - 5 Simultaneous Markers, with center frequency readout on built-in counter
  Wobbulator (VHF-MIDBAND-UHF)
  - 1 to 860MHz
  - 125 Synthesized Markers + 2 IF Derived Markers + Variable and 10MHz xtal Harmonic Markers
Color Pattern Generators
  Color Pattern Generator - CABLE READY
    IF+106 Pre-Programmed Channels
    Synthesized with KEY PAD Entry
S-1044   Color Pattern Generator - IF + VHF
S-1053   Color Pattern Generator - Ultra Portable