InPower54 Yokogawa Power Meter Software

InPower54 Power Meter Software has been configured for Yokogawa Power Meter WT110 & WT130.

The Power Meter can be interfaced to the PC via RS232 or GPIB. Thru the software the user has full control over all the setup functions of the power meter.

Real time data can be captured and displayed as LED readouts as well as graphical trends etc.


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Easy Setup of Parameters

The user can select upto 14 parameters, such as V, I, V/A, pF etc alongwith the Element no. Parameter selection is one by one and can be added to the list on the right hand side. (14 parameters selection is the limitation of WT130 Power Meter)

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LED Readout of Parameters

Each LED window displays the instantaneous value of the parameters selected above (upto 14). Each window depicts the type and unit of the parameter. The sequence of display is the same as the list of selection above. Files can be saved to disk. User has to select the time interval between saving and total duration for which the data has to be captured. The maximum duration is 30 days or 10,000 points of data storage, which ever is earlier, data is stored along with the Date and Time Stamp.

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Trend of each Parameter

The data of each LED window above is displayed as a Trend Graph. Each of the Trend window is placed identically to the LED windows for easy co-relation. The Upper/Lower display value of each window is individually adjustable.

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Trend of any 4 Parameters

The Trend windows above are very useful for an overview of upto 14 trends. For detailed study any 4 of the 14 Trends can be studied in detail.

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Recall Saved File and Cursor Measurements

Files saved on disk can be recalled. Any of the parameters can be observed in the windows. Cursor measurements of each of the parameter are possible, along with the Date and Time at which the measurement was made. Zooming is possible between two cursors.

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The Harmonics data is retrieved at the end of each computation cycle. V, I and W up to 50th harmonic is displayed in the 3 windows. User can set the Cursor to the desired Harmonic (0 to 50th) to measure the individual harmonic values of each parameter.

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Listing of all the Harmonics is also available. User can save the data to file as well as obtain a printout.